my name is Ruslan Kovalenko and I'd like to make an offer to you. I am 37 years old, I was born on 29. March 1975 in the city of Odessa in the Ukraine. In 1999 I emigrated to Germany and live in Nuremberg now. I've got a small enterprise specialized on telecommunication service. I am also authorized to sale any entertainment production, for example video or music products.


I have a cinema portal in Russian language, where I tell about star children. I try to tell only true news and check up every information in unternet. I'm not intended to support yellow press. For the site visitors I organized a voting with a competition of star beauty, in which they choose a young star on a photo. So I get to know what they are interested in and which products they are going to buy.


Besides I am a partner of Organo Gold, a firm specialized on publicity in internet. I'd like to ask you for a status of an official fan site for my project. If you have an interest, I could also legally sale video or music production.


My links and language of communication are in the end of the letter.

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